Translucent Stone Panels

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What is translucent stone panel?

Translucent stone panel is made using a thin layer of nature marble (Rosa Portugal marble, Sivec marble, Volakas marble, Blanco Macael marble, Botticino marble), epoxy, and glass. This kind of semi translucent material is perfect for creating show-stopping impact within cutting-edge interior design; they can be crafted into furniture, marble lamp, counter, door pocket, dazzling pillar and curtain walls. Today, translucent marble panels are widely used in luxury hotel decoration, business shopping mall design, restaurant decoration and showroom design
Alias: Stone wall panel, translucent marble panel, semitransparent marble panels,

Properties of translucent stone panel

Translucent stone panel use resin and nature marble as its main raw materials, which has higher transmittance and impact resistance than PVC plate, translucent marble panel is a ecological architectural material that has viscosity, clarity, resistance to chemicals, and fire resistant.

Features and advantages

a) Nature, eco-friendly and fashionable
b) High viscosity and clarity
c) Durable
d) Fire resistant, water proof, can be applied in web environment.
e) Ecological
f) Easy to clean and maintain
g) Resistance to chemicals


a) Heavy
b) Difficult to delivery, have to be well packed and protected