Shell Mosaic Wall Tiles


What is shell mosaic wall tile?

Shell mosaic is an innovative decorative material that developed after the widely usage of traditional mosaic products. Shell wall tile is made up of a series of natural nacre (mother of pearl): white-lip shell, black-lip shell, gold-lip shell, pen shell, abalone shell, brown-lip shell, pink shell and top shell. The shell wall tile is so gorgeous, elegant, sparkling and crystal-clear in looking that bring you the breath of nature, it is a natural and environmental products that take you far away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution. As a leading supplier of shell wall tiles, CMMAR is dedicated to designing and processing freshwater shells and seashells.

Properties & features

a) Environment friendly, radiation free: shell mosaic is made from natural nacre, which is environment friendly, radiation free and no off-flavor after installation. Shell wall tile is also a nature ecological materials that keeps consumers away from formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients, in line with the contemporary people “healthy living, healthy consumption concept of life.”
b) Low water absorption, moisture proof: shell tile has high density with 0% in bibulous rate, thus make it excellent in moisture resistance, hard texture and no deformation.
c) Radiant and fastness: the high quality seashell has textures and radiant in nature, it is fastness and non-discoloring, standing up to fade away from long time exposure. shell mosaic wall tile has elegant visual impact under the sunshine or lighting, the changing in color in different perspective shows the mystery of ocean, offers an unparalleled adornment effect.
d) Small size, easy installation: shell wall tiles is light and small size material, it is very easy to install and safe compare to glass mosaic, stone mosaic and ceramic mosaic.
e) Attractive and extensive range of uses: shell tiles can not only be apply as wall coverings, but also can be apply as flooring systems. No matter whether it is apply to handicrafts manufacture or embedded in furniture furniture finishes such as table top or cabinet doors, shell mosaic gives the elegant personality and noble style. Shell mosaic wall tiles can be widely used in interior wall covering in business center, flooring systems, swimming pool, garden landscape, bathroom, lobby background, they can also be widely used for wall decoration, pillar decoration, lamp box decorating , feature modelling column, shop signs, bathroom accessory design, food strip, furniture decoration, etc.


Today, sea shell tiles are commonly applied to interior wall design such as backdrop, feature walls, decorative wall sheets, furniture finishes, shell craft and accessories of costume, other than that, sea shell tile is also used as shell wall panels, shell marble etc. Compare to traditional ceramic mosaics, shell mosaics are much more characteristic and dynamic.