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What is PETG resin panel?

PETG resin panel is an environmental and fashionable wall material that made from copolymer resin with nature plants or other materials, PETG resin panels can be imbedded with a seemingly endless variety of decorative inclusions such as leaves, plants, grass, shells, fiber, varia and metal shavings in translucent or semi transparent finishes. There are three primary resins used to make architectural resin panels: polyester (UPR), acrylic (PMMA) and copolymer (PETG), Copolymer resin panel is the most expensive one among the three. 3-form ecological resin panel also made from PETG. Copolymer resin panel is an elegant building material that widely used in luxury hotel decoration, shopping mall decoration and restaurant decoration. Ecological resin panel is also a great solution to wet environment such as bathroom and indoor swimming pool.
Alias: Ecological resin plate, copolymer resin panel, semi translucent resin panel.

Properties of copolymer resin panel

PETG resin panel use copolymer resin as its main raw material, which has higher transmittance and impact resistance than PVC plate, ecological resin panel is a translucent and ecological building material that has viscosity, clarity, resistance to chemicals, and fire resistant.

Features and advantages

a) Nature, eco-friendly and fashionable
b) High viscosity and clarity
c) Durable
d) Fire resistant, water proof, can be applied in web environment.
e) Ecological, 100% recycled
f) Easy to clean and maintain
g) Resistance to chemicals