Leather Wall Panels


What is leather wall panel?

Leather wall panel is a kind of modern and fashionable wall covering material for interior wall decoration, this kind of creative product is composted by three layers: environmental PU leather on surface, foamed polyurethane layer in middle and water-proof PVC tile on back. Leather wall arts are designed with many fashionable patterns and textures in 3d leather surfaces which bring noble and elegance sense to your space. Some of the leather wall designs in decorative diamond-like glasses mounted finish, they looks sparkling with creative lighting.
Alias: leather wall tile, leather wall art


Leather wall panel is not only a luxury decorative material for wall system, but also an ideal acoustic products for reducing noises, it is moisture proof, fire resistance, anti-scratch, anti-collision and will not fade, peel or crack.

Features and advantages

a) Acoustic
b) moisture proof and fire resistant
c) Anti-scratch
d) Fashionable textures
e) Easy installation, just like stick wall paper on the wall
f) Easy to clean, maintain and remove
g) Easy to delivery


Leather wall panels offers great solution for absorbing noises and wall decoration, in interior wall design, leather wall tiles can be applied in TV background, bed head, bed background, night club wall system and other, please note that decorative leather wall tiles can not be used in exterior