Inspiration Gallery – Get Your Own Wall Decor & Wall Design Ideas

The Inspiration Gallery offers large quantity of images about wall decor ideas and wall design ideas for interior and exterior, it is also an encyclopaedia and library about wall design and wall decor. In order to help our designers, architects and home owners find the inspiration for his / her walls, we have collected quite a lot of photos and pictures about exterior and interior wall decor, all the images or photos are contributed by our talented designers, intelligent architects, dedicated distributors and faithful DIY users. Some of the photos are taken from real projects, some of the pictures are designed by our designer. We sure that you will find out your wall design ideal for your own wall.


The inspiration gallery includes massive images about feature wall design ideas, living room wall decor ideas, kitchen & dining room wall design ideas, bedroom wall decor ideas, home office wall design ideas, ceiling wall decor ideas, bathroom wall design ideas in residential level; company logo wall design ideas, restaurant wall decor ideas, nightclub wall design ideas, lounge hall & lobby wall decor ideas, hotel wall design ideas, image shop & chain store wall design ideas, office wall decor ideas in commercial level.

As a leading manufacturer, designer and supplier of architectural wall panels, we are delight to see our customers get inspired from the images from effect drawings or real projects, it is also very welcome to share your own wall design photos by sending us the pictures, we will be very appreciated about that.

Get inspired about wall decor ideas and wall design ideas for your own house or business!