Flat 3D PVC Panels


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What is flat 3d PVC panel?

Flat surface 3d PVC panel is a new decorative material that apply optic theory and latest optical technology, this kind of 3d PVC panel is made from high grade polymer material with unbelievable fly-eye 3D visual effects. Traditionally flat wall panel offers graphic visual effect only, and 3d wall panel is very rough and uneven in surface, monotonous in color and high thickness, while flat 3d panel combine the advantages of both 2d and 3d panels, with the latest new optical technology, we craft the three–dimensional elements into the flat wall sheets incredibly. This kind of new wall product will totally redefine 3d wall panels and lead a new revolution of 2d and 3d wall materials.

Alias: flat surface 3d panels, 3d PVC panels, flat 3d wall panels.

Properties of flat 3d PVC panel

Flat surface 3d panel is a fashionable modern design gives an extra dimension to your walls in a textured wall flats, it is such a perfect products that complimented by quite a lot of demanding designers. It is fire resistance, moisture proof and eco-environmental.

Features and advantages

a) Flat wall panels give 3d visual impact
b) Superior high impact resistance up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic
c) Fire resistant, water proof and eco-friendly
d) Easy installation with uniform edges, just like stick wall paper on the wall
e) Slightly flexible, it can be bent
f) Easy to clean, maintain and remove
g) Easy to delivery


Flat surface 3d PVC panel can be used in both indoor and outdoor wall applications. For it is fashionable and creative design, it is extremely suit for night club, art center and shopping mall decoration.