Decorative Veneer Panels

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What is decorative veneer panel?

Decorative veneer panel is kind of nature, durable and environmentally friendly architectural wall panel that composite by 3 layers: veneer (walnut, rosewood, beech, wenge, oak, teak or others), plywood (our nominated material is plywood, MDF is also available) and UV coating in either gloss or satin sheen. CMMAR offers various collections of high quality veneers that can be used for wall panels, doors, cabinet, furniture and more.
Alias: veneer wall panel, veneer plywood panel, cabinet veneer panel

Properties of decorative veneer panel

Veneer wall panel is made from veneer, plywood / MDF and UV coating; the surface is moisture proof, but the nominated finish is not a fire resistant, however fire resistance finish is also available for us.

Features and advantages (Nominated finish decorative veneer panel)

a) Nature, eco-friendly and fashionable
b) Easy to cut
c) Durable
d) Can be applied in furniture design
e) Easy to clean and maintain
f) Various collections


a) Heavy
b) Difficult to delivery, have to be well packed and protected
c) Can’t be used in wet environment