Bamboo Wall Panels

What is bamboo wall panel?

Bamboo wall panel is an ecological material made from the trunk of natural tropical bamboo, which is infinitely tougher and hardier than the bamboo it imitates. it is an aesthetic and environmentally friendly alternative to decorate or renovate your home. decorative bamboo panels are available for natural flat finish or carve to 3d bamboo wall panels or grille partition, different from MDF wall panel, decorative bamboo panel can be applied to wet environment, bamboo wall panels can also be crafted into furniture, counter, door pocket, grille screen partition, lampshade or bamboo art finish.
Alias: decorative bamboo panel, 3d bamboo wall panel

Features and advantages

a) Nature, eco-friendly and fashionable
b) High viscosity and clarity
c) Durable
d) Fire resistant, water proof, can be applied in web environment.
e) Ecological
f) Easy to clean and maintain
g) Resistance to chemicals

4)) Disadvantages
a) Heavy
b) Lateral compression bamboo grille walls some times easy to get cracked through external force
c) Difficult to delivery, have to be well packed and protected