Cultured Stone Panel


What is cultured stone panel?

Cultured stone panel is an environment friendly wall material, it is from original nature stone choiceness and regroup by manual work, Cultured stone panel is incredibly resistant to harsh climate conditions such as heat, moisture, sun and wind, and will not fade, peel or crack. It also stands up to damage from pests and insects, and any other forms of interior or exterior wear and tear.
Alias: cultured stone tile, natural cultured stone


Natural cultured stone is 100% from natural, zero formaldehyde release, it is also fire resistance and water proof, thus it can be used in both indoor and outdoor.

Features and advantages

a) Natural
b) Formaldehyde free
c) Anti-scratch
d) Fashionable textures
e) Can be used in exterior


a) Heavy
b) Fragile material, easy to get damaged through transportation.


Cultured stone panel can be used in both interior and exterior wall decoration. For it is fashionable and stone textured design, it is extremely suit for pillar wearing and outer wall covering, and any other place that suit for stone plate decoration, some collections are great solution to uneven surfaces or damaged walls.