Coconut Panels


What is coconut panel?

Coconut panel is a kind of nature and environmental products that made of coconut shell, the shape and color are vary in different part of the coconut shell, and the way to assembly is also different, such as weave, mosaics, tiles and random, thus there are numerous collections. As decorative material industry is developing and changing quickly, more and more people are looking for ecological and low-carbon wall materials, coconut panel has advantages of the both, when enter a room surrounded by coconut shell panels, the feeling is fantastic when you enjoy the smell of the coconut. Coconut panel is not only a fashionable wall covering products, but also a life style of nature environment.
Alias: coconut shell wall panel, coconut shell panel, coconut wall panels


Coconut panel is a classical design with incredibly resistant to harsh climate conditions such as heat, moisture, sun and wind, and will not fade, peel or crack. It also fire resistance and water proof, thus it can be used in both indoor and outdoor.

Features and advantages

a) Nature
b) Release coconut smells
c) Anti-scratch
d) Fashionable textures
e) Easy installation, just like stick wall paper on the wall
f) Easy to clean, maintain and remove
g) Easy to delivery


Coconut panel can be used in both interior and exterior wall decoration. For it is fashionable and stone textured design, it is extremely suit for pillar wearing and covering, and any other place that suit for stone plate decoration, some collections are great solution to uneven surfaces or damaged walls.